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Asparagus (Canned Asparagus, IQF Asparagus)

For many years domestic asparagus producers have been the primary suppliers to the US market. In recent years, as the number of US asparagus growers have declined, Camerican has led the search for international sources for asparagus. Today, Camerican imports asparagus from Peru, Chile and China. The agricultural practices used by our asparagus processors in South America are world class. These suppliers are vertically integrated. In order, to ensure the most tender and tasty asparagus—the asparagus is processed within hours of harvesting with 100% traceability. These processors incorporate the latest irrigation technology to maximize yields while conserving water usage. To reduce the use of pesticides, our growers use on-staff entomologists that monitor local insect population and import predator insects to reduce infections thereby minimizing the use of commercial pesticides. Camerican supplies both Canned Asparagus and IQF Asparagus to our customers. IQF Asparagus and Canned Asparagus are offered in a variety of styles including Asparagus Cuts and Tips and Asparagus Spears.


Chile, China, Peru

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Asparagus Cuts & tips
Asparagus Spears


Canned Asparagus
IQF Asparagus

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