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Mushrooms (IQF Mushrooms, Canned Mushrooms, Glass Jar Mushrooms, Pouch Pack Mushrooms)

Camerican is one of the largest canned and IQF mushroom importers in the United States.    Camerican has imported canned mushrooms from China for over 30 years and one of the first to bring this item into the United States. Camerican has long term relationships with the three largest Chinese mushroom producers. These selected producers use the best quality mushrooms and employ the highest safety standards.

Our Dutch IQF mushroom supplier is Scelta, one of the largest and most respected frozen mushroom supplier in the world. Scelta supplies many of the leading and most demanding food industry players. Scelta's mushrooms are grown indoors in large mushroom houses using mechanical harvesting techniques. This enable Scelta’s mushrooms to have 100% traceability, year round production and supply and a consistent high quality product.  We offer IQF Sliced Mushrooms, IQF Diced Mushrooms, IQF Whole Button Mushrooms and IQF Mushroom Chips.


Netherlands, France, China

Styles Offered


Packaging Offered

Button Mushrooms
Diced Mushrooms
Flavored & breaded Mushrooms
Marinated Mushrooms
Mushroom Pieces & Stem
Sliced Mushrooms
Whole Mushrooms


Canned Mushrooms
Glass Jar Mushrooms 
IQF Mushrooms
Pouch Mushrooms

Available as Organic