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Vegetable Blends (IQF Vegetable Blends)

Camerican has the capability to create blends at the local country of origin. Blending at the source allows for less product handling which results in better product integrity and less expensive product. Camerican offers the most popular vegetable blends as well as value added blends that include cheese, pasta, rice and seafood. Camerican offers IQF California Normandy Vegetable Blend, IQF Italian Vegetable Blend, IQF Oriental Vegetable Blend, IQF Prince Edward Island Vegetable Blend, IQF Stir Fry Vegetable Blend, IQF Winter Vegetable Blend and IQF other Vegetable Blends.


China, Mexico

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Packaging Offered

California Normandy Vegetable Blend
Italian Vegetable Blend
Oriental Vegetable Blend
Prince Edward Island Vegetable Blend
Stir Fry Vegetable Blend
Winter Vegetable Blend
Others Vegetable Blend


IQF Vegetable Blend