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Quality Assurance

Camerican has long enjoyed a reputation for providing quality-assured imported products to top echelon customers in the US market. It is a core competency of ours, and it begins with the careful selection and development of suppliers whose commitment to food quality, safety, and security is consistent with ours, and our customers’. 

Our customers have built strong brands that require trusted ingredients. To this end, we were the first importing company to invest in and maintain at-source Quality Assurance resources. These QA teams partner with our suppliers to make certain that our customers’ specifications are met and food safety is ensured. 

Camerican’s Quality Assurance team also works closely with our customer’s QA personnel. This ensures that our customers receive quality that is “consistently consistent” with that which they have established for their brand. This is a key strength of ours.

At our headquarters, our Quality Control department coordinates all quality control activities and documentation across our supply base. This QA team regularly visits our various suppliers around the world performing audits and sharing best practices.