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For over 25 years Camerican has been selectively procuring canned/pouch pack tuna and various seafood products through producers who follow fishing and harvesting methods friendly to the conservation of marine habitat. For example, all our tuna suppliers follow dolphin safe practices in accordance with the Earth Island Institute. We are continually working with our tuna suppliers to further establish conservation and management practices all under the ultimate goal of developing and maintaining a sustainable tuna stock and promoting the health of our global ecosystem.

Sustainable Agriculture is an important part of Camerican’s sourcing strategy. We work with over 200 processors and growers in over 40 countries and we have a first-hand view of how Sustainable Agriculture is being implemented around the world. Many of our suppliers have Sustainable Agriculture practices in place ranging from Integrated Pest Management to Waste Water Treatment programs. Other of our suppliers are still developing their programs. As an import partner, we encourage our suppliers to use Sustainable Agriculture practices and actively work with our supplier base to expand their use of these programs.