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Supplier Development

Consistent with our mission to be the low cost provider of high quality imported products and services, we believe it is necessary to devote time and effort looking for new sources in areas where local resources (both natural and human) provide the potential for lower cost production.  Over the years we have identified many processors with the potential to develop into a valued supplier, and then instituted customized programs to help them develop the necessary production techniques and quality control systems to achieve qualified supplier status for some of the most demanding customers in the US.  We have a long track record of this “pioneering” work and are very proud to have many “firsts” in our history.  

A few examples include:

  • Aseptic Pineapple Juice Concentrate 
    In 1983, working with our Thai supply partners, Camerican pioneered the category of aseptic pineapple juice concentrate when we bought and installed the first aseptic pineapple juice filling machine in Asia.

  • Mandarin Oranges
    Through close collaboration with select Chinese manufacturers, our QA and Supplier Development Team helped our Chinese suppliers develop and implement GMP and HACCP programs.  This enabled these suppliers to provide our demanding customer-base with quality-assured product produced in facilities meeting the highest standards of food safety and food security.

  • Artichokes
    Over time the majority of our artichoke procurement has shifted from Spain to South America.  We have worked with our South American suppliers to further develop their artichoke processing techniques.   This has helped the South American artichokes become highly sought after, prized for their taste and color.