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Why Camerican

In order to succeed with the top tier customer base that we serve, we have developed what we believe to be a superior infrastructure for import execution, problem solving, and program support.  

Our import model begins with the supplier. We pride ourselves on working with a carefully selected set of packers in each country that meet rigid criteria for quality control, performance excellence and business integrity. 

Getting these products to the US involves our supply-chain management and sales support teams which are skilled and experienced in negotiating the various hurdles involved in importing food products.  You can have confidence that our product will be there when you need it.  

Camerican was the first broad line importing company to achieve CTPAT Certification. To qualify, we had to pass an intensive audit by US Customs, and we received their highest rating. A benefit of this program is that we are guaranteed a lower rate of examinations, thus helping to decrease the likelihood of a disruption to the supply chain.

In summary Camerican is an importing company that offers:

  • Sourcing expertise, experience, depth, and leverage.

  • Market savvy and high quality information.

  • Superior infrastructure for import execution, problem solving, and program support. 

  • Sophisticated and dedicated Quality Assurance resources at origin.

  • Sales and marketing expertise to promote category growth.