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Financial Strength

Being part of an $1.1B company with substantial balance-sheet equity has advantages.

A significant part of our business and one of our core competencies is the management and financing of large scale import programs for some of the largest retailers, foodservice operators, and manufacturing customers.  These programs can involve substantial inventory commitments to enable Just-In-Time product availability and can require large working capital requirements as often the goods must be paid for when they leave the port of export.   

On the supply side, we have the resources to finance large-scale transactions.  In times of tight supply, we have the ability to take possession of product to secure availability for our customers.  Under certain conditions, we have been able to offer pre-pack financing to our suppliers.

Lastly, our financial resources allow us to maintain quality assurance staff in key sourcing countries.  Our local QA teams work directly with our suppliers to ensure that our customers’ specifications are met, and food safety is safeguarded at all times.