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Peaches (Canned Peaches, Peach Cups, Peaches in Glass Jars, IQF Peaches, Pouch Peaches, Peach Puree)

Although the US is a major producer of canned peaches, and the dominant supplier to the domestic market, imported peaches can be very competitive when the US dollar is strong. Further, Camerican has developed Strategic Sourcing Programs with customers looking to ensure continuity of supply in case of a poor domestic crop. Greece, the world’s largest exporter of peaches, has been an important source of high quality canned peaches for these strategic sourcing programs. We can also offer excellent canned peaches on a counter-seasonal basis from South Africa and Chile. We also offer IQF cling and freestone varieties for foodservice and industrial users, as well as puree for manufacturers.


Chile, China, Greece, South Africa, Spain

Styles Offered


Packaging Offered

Sliced Peaches
Diced Peaches
Peach Halves
Peach Puree
Peaches in Heavy Syrup
Peaches in Light Syrup
Peaches in Extra Light Syrup
Peaches in Light Syrup Puree
Peaches in Natural Pear Juice


Canned Peaches
Peaches in Cups
Peaches in Glass Jars
IQF Peaches
Peaches in a Pouch