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Tuna (Canned Tuna, Pouch Tuna)

Camerican has a QA team based in Thailand and Indonesia working with tuna processors across Asia. This team ensures Camerican purchases the best quality tuna by selecting the top tuna processors to work with and evaluating each production code ensuring that it meets with our customer product specification. Tuna is a core item for Camerican and we have worked with customers on innovative tuna products over the years. For example, Camerican partnered with our salad making customers to introduce the Tongol species as a more cost efficient alternative to blending Albacore and Skipjack. Camerican offers both Canned Tuna and Pouch Tuna in the styles: Chunk Tuna, Chunk Light Tuna, Flavored Tuna, Low Sodium Tuna and Solid Tuna.


Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam

Styles Offered


Packaging Offered

Chunk Tuna
Chunk Light Tuna
Flavored Tuna
Low Sodium Tuna
Solid Tuna


Canned Tuna
Pouch Tuna